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If You’re Facing the IRS, You Need an Experienced Attorney for IRS Issues

Whether you’re an individual or a business, contact with the IRS can be stressful–even if it’s casual.

Less casual contact, like liens and audits, can be difficult to navigate.

If you have a problem with the IRS, it is a legal problem. You should contact an experienced a Dallas, TX, tax attorney to get more information about what’s possible for your unique situation.

Scott Scammahorn has been serving Dallas, TX, individuals and businesses facing the IRS and he’s committed to helping them as much as possible.

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Common IRS Problems Scammahorn Law Firms Can Resolve

Tax Debt

A large tax debt can be a huge burden, no matter the reasons why you have it. Chances are, if you have tax debt, you likely have a few other IRS problems that require resolution, be they unfiled tax returns or back taxes.

You may also face an audit and a potential levy on property, and a lien on earnings, wages, and business income.

Scott Scammahorn can help with all of these problems, and he begins by methodically investigating your tax history to find a helpful resolution.

Unfiled Taxes

When you fail to file your taxes, the IRS will file a return for you. This return often doesn’t include any credits or deductions you may elect to use yourself.

Often, this results in tax debts. When you owe a tax debt, the IRS has a number of potential remedies that can make your life difficult.

If you have unfiled tax returns, Scott Scammahorn can help, and that always begins with filing an amended return to lower your debt. Should you require more assistance, he’s there to help with that, too.


Not all audits necessarily indicate that you’ve done something wrong. In rare cases, it’s possible that you were randomly selected.

Unfortunately, that’s not very common. If the IRS has sent you a letter indicating that you’re going to be audited, they’ve likely flagged your return.

There are a few reasons returns can be flagged, including

Some of these can be legitimate mistakes, and the audit process will reveal that. Even so, it’s best to have a tax attorney experienced with handling IRS audits to help represent your best interests.

Liens & Levies

If you’ve been issued a lien, the IRS is notifying you that they may seize your property to collect a debt.

Likewise, the IRS may also begin garnishing your wages or business income.

IRS levies and liens can dramatically affect your future. An experienced tax attorney will help you appeal this decision, fight for your financial future, and otherwise help you negotiate one of the most dramatic tax collection strategies available to the federal government.

Payroll Tax Debts

If you’re a business owner and have a payroll tax debt, you need an attorney. The IRS aggressively pursues payroll tax liability, and an experienced IRS attorney can help you negotiate an already tricky situation.

Payroll liabilities as little as $25 thousand may be assigned to an investigator. If you’ve received notice from the IRS of a payroll liability, contact an experienced tax attorney to learn what potential remedies are available to you.

And More

If you’ve been contacted by the IRS about a significant debt, you should consult with an experienced tax attorney to learn the best way to move forward without endangering your case.

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If you or your business have received notice from the IRS about a significant debt, contact our offices today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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