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If you receive a notice from the IRS informing you of a delinquent tax liability, unfiled returns or that your tax return has been selected for audit, it is important that you act quickly.

A consultation with an experienced tax attorney will help you understand the process required in order to successfully resolve your tax problem.


IRS Tax Attorney that Specializes in Tax Resolution

The federal tax code is complicated. Scott Scammahorn has an advanced degree in tax law and nearly 25 years of experience representing clients in a variety of tax scenarios.

  • Audit Representation

    Everyone’s afraid of an IRS audit–and with good reason. Scott provides competent representation throughout the audit process.

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  • Levy Relief

    The IRS can issue levies and liens against businesses and individuals with tax liabilities, but our firm assists taxpayers to avoid or release levies.

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  • Unfiled Returns

    When individuals and businesses fail to file their tax returns timely the penalties and interest assessed add up quickly.

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  • Debt Relief

    Our firm specializes in helping taxpayers reduce or minimize their tax liabilities through negotiations with the IRS.

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  • Payroll/Employee Taxes

    Many businesses fall behind on payroll and employment taxes, a situation the IRS takes very seriously.

    Read More >Scott will guide your business back into compliance, help you minimize personal exposure and will negotiate with the IRS so you can concentrate on running your business rather than dealing with IRS agents.

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  • Tax Litigation

    Tax problems can often be resolved without going to court. However, in some cases litigation is necessary.

    Read More >Mr. Scammahorn has extensive experience in tax litigation and is prepared to take your case to trial, if necessary.

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“A good reputation is our firm’s most prized posession. That’s why we, at the Scammahorn Law Firm, persistently strive to bring our clients the best results attainable”

-Scott Scammahorn

IRS Lawyer for Individuals

If you have fallen behind on personal taxes, Scott will pursue every option to help provide his clients relief, from offers in compromise to streamlined or extended payment plans.

IRS Lawyer for Businesses

Business and corporate taxes can be complicated, especially when they intersect with your personal wages. Scott’s advanced degree in tax law ensures that he’s able to handle these complicated cases.

He’s helped businesses throughout Texas and beyond to straighten out their tax burdens, reduce their liability when possible, and get the IRS off of their back. Whether you owe employment taxes or other tax debt, Scott is here to help.

IRS Lawyer for Contractors

If you earn 1099 income, technically you are considered self-employed. This can significantly change your tax situation. The IRS expects you to make quarterly estimated tax payments throughout the year.

Many contractors in Texas, including oilfield workers, are not aware of this requirement until it’s too late, resulting in significant taxes owed to the IRS. Scott has helped thousands of contractors correct their mistakes, remain in compliance moving forward, and resolving the past due taxes.

  • AVVO Client's Tax choice 2011
  • AVVO featured tax attorney
  • AVVO Award
  • AVVO Score of 8.0
  • Stage bar of Texas Certification



Trust, education and peace of mind.

"I was referred here by another attorney. I did not know these people. I was greeted, and met with the attorney, Scott Scammahorn. He made suggestions, promises were made and promises were kept. I even got to meet the attorneys father, I heard some good stories. My business has never been better. Trust, education and peace of mind."

-William I.

Aggressive In Protecting Clients’ Rights

" Mr. Scammahorn is aggressive in protecting his clients’ rights and is very attentive to detail! Mr. Scammahorn is very knowledgeable in tax law and other areas of law! Anyone’s tax and legal needs will be handled well by Mr. Scammahorn and his staff "

-Tina B.

Our family will forever be grateful

" Words can not express how grateful our family is to Scott Scamahorn and his staff. Emily is amazing as well. He stuck with us for the three year journey. He personally returned my calls and never rushed me through the process. Our family will forever be grateful for Mr Scamahorn and the knowledge and wisdom he brings to the table. Thank you!!!! "

-Jane F.

Exceeding Expectations

" Outstanding group of people headed up by Scott. Did all he said he would do and more. My tax issue was handled by Scott exceeding my expectations. Job well done!!! "



" Scott Scammahorn is fine gentleman who is professional, personable and an excellent attorney. All dealings with his firm’s administrative staff were flawless. 5-Star. Grateful to you, Mr. Scammahorn! "

-Mary S.

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Scott earned his Juris Doctorate from Texas A&M School of Law and a Masters of Laws (LL.M.) in Tax Law from Southern Methodist University School of Law.

Since 1999, Scott has represented numerous business owners, individuals, doctors, real estate agents, investors, lawyers, politicians, nursing facilities, and more.

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