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Federal tax law is dizzyingly complex, and it can be easy to fall afoul of the IRS--something all Americans and especially business owners fear. The IRS is a big federal agency with a lot of resources at their disposal, and if they’re coming after you or your business, you’ll need an experienced IRS attorney to help.

Scott Scammahorn has extensive experience with the federal tax code and is available to help defend you from the IRS. You don’t have to face the IRS alone, contact the law offices of Scott Scammhorn and schedule a consultation today.

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Help From A Tax Lawyer In Athens, TX With...

IRS Investigations

A lot of people are afraid of contacting the IRS to get their tax records because they don’t want the IRS to initiate an audit as a result of the request. Scott Scammahorn can help you get access to your records without raising any red flags, all while advising you about how best to proceed.


Almost everyone lives in fear of IRS audits. They’ll go through all of your earnings to determine whether or not you’ve paid the appropriate amount of tax, and an experienced IRS lawyer will be able to advise you throughout the process.

Tax Liens & Levies

If the IRS has determined that you owe taxes, they may issue levies and liens against your income and property. If the IRS has issued a lien or levy, you’ll need an experienced tax attorney to help you navigate the process and protect your property.

Offers In Compromise

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a way that the IRS will allow you to pay back your tax debt. It allows you to settle for less than you owe, but the only way to get one is with a tax attorney. A tax attorney will be able to help you file for and get an offer in compromise.

Unfiled Tax Returns

If you’ve failed to file a tax return for one or more years, the IRS may decide to audit your income. In this situation, it may be beneficial to meet with an IRS attorney. They’ll be able to advise you about how best to file your returns without incurring undue penalties or getting audited.

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Scott Scammahorn has extensive experience with tax law and is available to help you navigate federal, state, and local tax laws. Contact the law offices of Scott Scammahorn today to schedule a consultation.

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About Athens, TX

The City of Athens is situated 75 miles Southeast of Dallas, 189 miles North of Houston, and 36 miles West of Tyler. It is the county seat of Henderson County in Texas and is also known as the “Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World”. One of its early residents named this city after Athens in Alabama.

Athens has many local attractions which include the Athens Scuba Park, East Texas Arboretum and Botanical Society, NY-TX Zipline Adventure, Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, and the Tara Vineyards and Winery.

Demographic Information

Athens has a total land area of 14.6 square miles and an estimated population of 12,803 people. Census statistics from 2013 showed that 51.5% of the population were females and the median resident age is 34.2 years, older than the Texas median resident age. This city had 4,110 households, 63.9% of which are family households.

The average household has 2.5 people and the median household income was $29,372, lower than the state median household income. The median family income was $35,359.


The economy of Athens is supported by numerous businesses in the following industries:

Many of its residents work here as sales and related workers, retail sales workers, managers, construction laborers, electrical equipment mechanics, installation and repair workers, building and grounds cleaning and maintenance workers, and production workers. Approximately 76.0% of the residents in Athens live and work in the city.

Filing Tax Returns In Athens, Texas

Businesses and individuals in Athens have the legal obligation to report their income and pay the correct income taxes periodically. Failure to file the appropriate tax forms and report correct information on these forms may expose you or your company to tax liabilities in the form of deficiency taxes, interest, penalties and surcharges. Responsible officers or owners may also face the penalty of imprisonment.

IRS tax cases often start with an IRS audit where an IRS examiner may find inaccuracies in your return. You may receive a written IRS notice informing you of your additional tax liabilities as a result of the understatement.

Taking action immediately after receiving an IRS notice is important; otherwise, the IRS may send you further notices informing you of collection procedures that can include a levy and garnishment.

If you are the subject of an IRS audit or have received an IRS notice regarding details of your tax return, consult a Texas IRS tax lawyer immediately.

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In Athens, Texas, IRS tax attorney Scott Scammahorn has over 16 years of tax litigation experience, helping taxpayers fight the IRS on various tax problems. We handle federal tax cases such as IRS tax liens and levies, offers in compromise, payment plans, and innocent spouse relief.

We invite you to call us today at 903-595-1000 to speak to an attorney about your situation.

Please provide us with more information so that we may better understand your IRS problems. Upon receipt of your information, our tax attorney will review your information to determine if we can be of assistance, whether through an offer in compromise, an installment agreement, appeal of an IRS audit examination, or a lawsuit in Tax Court. One of our staff members will then contact you to schedule a confidential consultation with the attorney to discuss your options.

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