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Professional Tax Lawyers in Odessa, Texas

Taxpayers in the Odessa, Texas area often run into financial issues resulting in garnished wages and levies placed on their properties by the IRS. At the Scammahorn Law Firm, we work hard every day to ensure the Odessa community doesn’t feel bullied or harassed by the IRS – instead, we find the solutions our clients need to save their money and keep out of trouble in the tax system.

The expert tax specialist attorneys at the Scammahorn Law Firm advise taxpayers in Odessa on every aspect of IRS-related challenges. The focus of our practice is clear: tackling IRS problems, tax litigation, and tax controversies, and we have developed and maintain a strong rapport with local Revenue Officers. We keep an up-to-date database on potential tax solutions and programs our Odessa, Texas clients can use to ensure the best possible outcomes for their financial futures.

The Scammahorn Law Firm team regularly file appeals to stop the IRS from levying our clients’ bank accounts, wages, and properties. We work hard to remove such levies and help our clients in Odessa resolve their tax problems. Whether you need us to manage your complex accounting issues, navigate the legal system regarding the many details of your case, or simply prepare and file your tax returns for you to secure your finances are handled correctly, we are always ready to help.

When you need the services of a full service tax resolution firm in Odessa, Texas focused on IRS cases for individuals and businesses alike, contact the Scammahorn Law Firm team. Our professional tax lawyers are ready to take on your case – reach out to us today!

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