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Few things can keep you tossing and turning in your bed like getting a letter from the IRS or being buried by a massive tax bill.

The IRS is funding more and more agents to investigate taxpayers, rich and poor alike. The past few years have seen a stark uptick in IRS audits, and individuals are often left to defend themselves against a federal agency.

Scott Scammahorn is a trusted IRS attorney for the Dallas, TX, area. He’s committed to helping his clients improve outcomes when the IRS has them in their sights.

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IRS Tax Attorney for Individuals & Businesses Facing


If you receive an IRS audit notice, you should immediately consult an experienced tax attorney to represent your interests throughout the audit.

Unfiled Returns

If you fail to file your tax return, the IRS will do it for you–minus any deductions, credits, and other tax breaks that you’re entitled to. A tax attorney can file old tax returns.

Tax Debts

If you owe the IRS money, they will stop at nothing to collect it, but resolving a tax debt can be as simple as filing an amended return, and a tax lawyer can help you.

Levies & Liens

If the IRS has placed a levy or lien on your business or personal property, you should find an experienced IRS tax attorney to help you lift levies and liens on your property.

Tax Litigation

Not every IRS tax problem goes to court, but the ones that do are serious. You need experienced tax advocacy to protect your property and yourself.

Penalties & Interest

If you owe the IRS a debt, they’ll apply penalties and interest–sometimes for years. Don’t get caught off guard. Contact Scammahorn Law Firm today.

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Dependable Tax Representation When it Matters Most

Scott Scammahorn is a tax law specialist. His education includes an advanced degree in tax law, and his years of experience fighting the Internal Revenue Service are at your disposal.

As a highly experienced IRS tax lawyer, Scott has fought to improve his clients’ outcomes time after time.

When you need tax litigation help from a Dallas, TX, IRS lawyer you can trust, contact Scammahorn Law Firm.

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Reliable Solutions from an Experienced Dallas Tax Attorney

Tax help is available. Scott Scammahorn is a Dallas IRS attorney who has negotiated with the IRS on behalf of countless taxpayers and businesses in the Dallas area to:

Offers in Compromise

Scott’s first step is to try reducing your tax liability through the compromise program, which allows you to pay less than your debt to the IRS.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

Occasionally, the IRS will dictate that a debt cannot be collected. The will label these CNC, and you will be free from your tax liability.

Levy/Lien Relief

An IRS levy or lien can devastate your finances. Scott Scammahorn will fight to get you levy/lien relief for your business or individual tax liability.

Debt Reductions

When you fail to file a return with the IRS, they file one for you–without any credits or deductions. Sometimes, reducing your debt is as simple as filing your own return.

Penalty/Fee Reduction

If penalties and fees have accrued on your tax liability, they can make paying off your debt untenable. Scammahorn Law Firm will pursue penalty reductions if possible.

Installment Agreements

If you’re facing a large tax liability, Scott will work with you to find an installment plan that will help you pay it off without bankruptcy.

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Attracting IRS Examiners

Rising incomes attract the attention of IRS agents, who may send audit notices and other bad news about your or your business’s tax returns.

According to reviews of IRS audit data, Dallas taxpayers are more likely to be audited than other people around the country.

An estimated 8.2 returns per 1,000 filings were audited in the years 2012 through 2015 in Dallas. The national average is 7.7 audits per 1,000 filings.

In 2017, the IRS audited almost 1 million tax returns nationwide–half a percent of all filings.

Statistics also demonstrate that lower-income earners are facing more and more audits. Everyone is at risk for an audit, rich or poor, and everyone can benefit from the assistance of a qualified IRS tax attorney in the Dallas, TX, area.

If you have received an IRS notice or have a federal tax case, contact Scammahorn Law Firm to speak to an experienced Dallas tax lawyer about your case.

We can help.

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IRS Defense Expertise

Scott Scammahorn has been helping DFW taxpayers fight the IRS for over 16 years.

Backed by an advanced law degree in taxation, Mr Scammahorn can help you obtain more favorable outcomes.

Matters involving the IRS are as complicated as they are sensitive. You need an IRS tax attorney who is familiar with the tax laws and practices of the IRS and who has a deep understanding of the underlying business, financial, and reputational issues that may be impacted by an IRS audit.

Our firm is prepared to advise you on fielding the responses to the IRS and evaluating any underlying tax issues in your business dealings or personal finances.

Contact our Dallas, TX, law offices today to schedule a consultation.

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About the Dallas, TX, Economy

An Economic Hub

Dallas is bustling with economic activity from companies engaged in construction, accommodation and food services, finance and insurance, health care, educational services, administrative and support, and waste management services.

371,113 people work and live in Dallas, many working as construction laborers, cooks and food preparation workers, drivers, retail workers, truck drivers, laborers, and more.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, among the 12 largest metropolitan areas across the country, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area ranked second in terms of jobs added over 2018 and the annual job growth rate.

Home Of Country’s Richest

Dallas is known for oil, which is a significant wealth driver and one of the reasons why this city is known as the top city for growing new millionaires in recent years.

In 2013, the number of millionaires in Dallas reached 113,000, when combined, they control $457 billion in wealth in the United States.

By 2018, the number of High Net Worth individuals (those with a net worth of $1 to $30 million) in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area had reached 298,220.

In January 2019, Dallas was named one of the world’s top 10 wealthiest places.

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