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The IRS is Serious About Business Taxes

As an employer, it’s easy to fall behind on your payroll taxes. You have every intention of getting caught up, but your tax debt becomes insurmountable.

Even worse, a payroll service may be responsible for the initial debt, but–according to the IRS–the buck stops with the business owner, and you’re liable for those back taxes.

Getting out of that debt can be tricky. Scott Scammahorn is an experienced business tax attorney in Texas that accepts clients nationwide.

His expertise, combined with his commitment to serving business clients, will help you as you fight to get out from under payroll taxes.

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Common Payroll Tax Debts

Federal Withholding

Employers are responsible for withholding federal taxes from their employee paychecks. They’re also responsible for ensuring that withholding is delivered to the IRS, and it’s possible that they fail to do so.

Social Security/Medicare

Employers are required to withhold roughly 6.2 percent of employee earnings for Social Security & Medicare payments. Businesses are also required to match that 6.2 percent on their own. Failing to pay either portion of these taxes may result in a payroll tax liability.

Unemployment Taxes

Employers are responsible for paying Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA). The state in which they are located may require that they pay a state-level unemployment tax as well. Businesses can get behind on either and face a payroll tax liability.

Self-Employment Taxes

Self-employed and contract workers face the burden of paying their payroll taxes as both a business and a wage earner. It’s easy to get behind on these taxes and start accruing penalties and fees.

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What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Payroll Taxes


The first thing the IRS will do when they find out you have a significant payroll tax liability is an audit. This will be an involved process, and you’ll want a payroll tax audit attorney to represent you to minimize any damage the audit itself may cause.

Penalties & Fees

Whenever you have a tax liability with the IRS, they’ll levy taxes and penalties on that debt. They will also charge interest. Depending on the amount of principal you owe, these penalties can be significant.


If your payroll tax liability remains open and unpaid, the IRS will pursue more aggressive collections strategies.

Civil & Criminal Prosecution

The IRS may pursue civil and criminal prosecution based on the details of your payroll tax liability. Should they suspect payroll tax fraud, they’ll begin an in-depth investigation. You’ll want representation from a payroll tax fraud lawyer to protect your interests.

And More

The IRS has recently hired thousands of agents so that they can more aggressively pursue tax debtors. Scott Scammahorn can help contractors and businesses deal with their payroll tax liability while minimizing potential impacts to their business.

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You Want a Payroll Tax Lawyer That Gets Results

Scott’s tireless advocacy for his business clients has allowed him to build a reputation for providing results. He’s committed to pursuing all avenues for debt, penalty, and fee reducation possible.

This has allowed him to get results like

  • A $1.3 million dollar liability reduced to nothing
  • A $1.2 million debt reduced to $755
  • A $920 thousand debt reduced to $1524
  • And more

No matter what kind or how big of a debt you’re facing, Scott can help. Contact Scammahorn Lawfirm today to schedule a consultation.

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Scott handles federal payroll tax debts for clients nationwide. If you’re facing Texas payroll tax debts, he can also help.

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