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An IRS audit is every American’s fear. When that notice of audit arrives in the mail, the nightmare of the IRS rifling through your bank account statements, credit card statements and financial files begins and seemingly never ends. Document request after document request will follow even more document requests in an effort to wear you down and force you to give up.


The IRS Examination Officer is focused on one thing: maximizing the amount of money you will owe the IRS. The IRS will not tell you how the law may benefit your case. They will simply deny deduction after deduction until they have essentially squeezed every last dime out of you.

Having a Dallas & Tyler Audit Representation attorney representing you during an audit means that there will be someone in the room who will know when the auditor has overstepped his or her bounds or misstated the law. An auditor who is new to the job or simply not well-versed in the tax code may make errors in determining your legal rights or responsibilities. If you go up against the auditor alone, you’re likely to defer to the auditor’s decisions without realizing that you shouldn’t have. An Tyler & Dallas Audit Representation attorney will catch these errors to ensure that you’re not penalized more than is right or fair. In some cases, our extensive knowledge of the tax code could result in finding deductions that were overlooked on the original return. This can result in the reduction of penalties imposed as a result of your audit.

Experienced Tyler & Dallas Audit Representation Lawyer

The Dallas tax attorneys at the Scammahorn Law Firm will use the law and experience to challenge the IRS on its findings, filing appeals and lawsuits when necessary. If the IRS rules against you and imposes harsh penalties as a result of your audit, having a Tyler & Dallas Audit Representation Lawyer represent you means that your lawyer will already be prepared with a full understanding of the facts of your case to request a reconsideration of their decision.

Hiring A Dallas Attorney To Represent You In Your Audit Representation

Hiring a Tyler & Dallas Audit Representation Attorney to represent you in an audit means that you have someone advocating for you who not only understands tax law, but also understands negotiation, argument, and evidence. These skills can become extremely valuable during an audit. For example, if you no longer have receipts available to prove the basis for a particular deduction, an experienced Texas tax attorney can explore the use of alternative forms of evidence to support the deduction, such as emails or dated calendar entries. By choosing to be represented by the Scammahorn Law Firm, you’ll reap the benefit of our experienced tax trial attorney’s years of experience in fighting and defeating claims by the IRS, and in negotiating reduced tax liabilities and lowered penalties.

Interacting with the IRS can be incredibly stressful. Without an understanding of the law, it can be difficult to know when you’ve disclosed more than is necessary, which could result in an expansion of the scope of your audit. Once you hire a knowledgeable Tyler tax attorney to handle your audit, you won’t have to directly interact with the IRS on the subject of your audit again. You will never be asked to meet with the IRS as the Scammahorn Law Firm will handle the audit process from start to finish.

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If you or your business has received a notice of audit from the IRS, do not speak to the IRS until you contact the Scammahorn Law Firm. We represent individuals and businesses throughout the State of Texas, including Tyler, Nacogdoches, Marshall, Longview, Palestine, Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene, Odessa, Midland, San Antonio and Plano. The IRS has lawyers working for them. You should have a Dallas & Tyler tax lawyer working for you. Contact the Scammahorn Law Firm today and put an end to your IRS problems 903-595-1000.

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