IRS Problems in TX

IRS Problems In Dallas & Tyler,Texas

A Texas tax attorney is your best option when fighting the IRS regarding back taxes, employment taxes, penalties or unfiled tax returns. The Scammahorn Law Firm has the experience you need to assist you with resolution of your tax case and helping you realize your goals to settle your IRS problems, whether through an Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Penalty Abatement, or filing suit in U.S. Tax Court or Federal District Court. If you receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service, it is imperative that you contact the tax attorneys at Scammahorn Law Firm as soon as possible. Do not delay, as there are deadlines for appealing IRS decisions that can have a signficant effect on the outcome of your IRS problem.

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Texas Tax Attorneys For All Your IRS Issues

None of us wants to hear from the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service is an intimidatingly powerful department within the federal government, with penalties for running afoul of the IRS ranging from steep monetary fees to spending time in a federal prison. That’s why it’s critical to work with experienced, knowledgeable, and professional Texas tax attorneys when you’re facing an IRS issue.

At the Tyler offices of the Scammahorn Law Firm, we’re prepared to offer prudent, seasoned advice on a broad array of tax issues facing individuals and businesses. We’re available to assist clients located in Longview, Plano, Athens, Lufkin, and throughout East Texas with complex IRS issues that other law firms won’t touch. Don’t face a potentially devastating federal tax issue without confident legal help. Contact Scammahorn Law today for a consultation on your IRS issue.

IRS issues commonly faced by Texas taxpayers

  • IRS Audit: During a tax audit, the IRS will look through the documents you’ve saved to verify your prior tax returns and find out whether you owe more in tax than you paid. A tax audit can be extremely scary, and no one should go through an audit without representation.
  • Notice of deficiency: After an audit, many people receive a Notice of Deficiency, which alerts you to how much the audit examiner believes you owe, according to their audit. It is imperative that you take action right away after receiving a Notice of Deficiency, as you only have 90 days to appeal their proposed assessment.
  • Bank levy: If the IRS has assessed a tax deficiency that you have yet to pay, they may decide to simply put a freeze on your accounts until you do. At Scammahorn Law, we’re experienced in getting IRS bank levies lifted, so that you can continue to pay your bills while working out your issues with the IRS.
  • Property seizure: Among the IRS’ other tools for getting the money they think you owe in back taxes is to seize real estate or personal property that you own. Even your family home could become property of the IRS. Get help putting a stop to property seizures by consulting with a dedicated Texas tax attorney.
  • Tax litigation: Most tax issues are settled out of court, but on occasion, you’ll need to go before a federal tax court to resolve your tax issue. It takes a seasoned tax litigator to competently handle a court case against the IRS, and the Scammahorn Law Firm is willing and able to provide help with your tax litigation needs.

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