Oilfield Workers

Oilfield Workers

The Scammahorn Law Firm represents many oilfield professionals in East Texas, Midland, Odessa, South Texas and elsewhere who receive substantial self-employment 1099 income with no tax withholding. Many of these professionals are doing business as sole proprietors, meaning they have not created a business entity, and have failed to pay taxes and/or file the required tax returns, resulting in significant IRS problems.

The Internal Revenue Service is aggressively pursuing non-filers and those who owe substantial taxes. The penalties can be severe and include criminal prosectuion. The Scammahorn Law Firm can assist you with past due tax return preparation, creation of business entities in order to take advantage of tax laws and shield your individual assets from confiscation, and resolve your tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service once and for all.

If you are an oilfield professional or in another profession receiving 1099 income and have failed to file or pay your taxes, contact the Scammahorn Law Firm immediately as time is critical when dealing with these issues. We handle cases across the State of Texas including Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Nacogdoches, Sulphur Springs, Paris, Greenville, Dallas, Fort Worth, Odessa, Midland, Abilien, San Antonio, Houston and Plano.

Call the Scammahorn Law Firm today at 903-595-1000 and let’s put an end to your tax problems.

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