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We Help Get Relief from IRS Tax Debt

If you owe the IRS a significant debt, they will pursue almost every avenue possible to collect.

This can result in serious consequences, like a levy or a lien.

If you’ve been notified of an IRS tax debt or, worse, an intent to levy, you need an experienced tax attorney to help you navigate the situation and mitigate any damage to your personal or business finances.

Scott Scammahorn is an experienced tax debt relief attorney with Dallas, TX, offices.

We’ve helped individuals and businesses get through some of the most dire financial straits they’ve ever faced.

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An Experienced Dallas, TX, Tax Attorney

Scott Scammahorn holds an advanced degree in taxation law, and he combines that expertise with a tax law practice that has helped individuals, businesses, and independent contractors navigate difficult tax situations.

He has a long track record of helping his clients significantly reduce or eliminate entirely their tax debts.

He manages to maintain that track record by pursuing every single legal avenue available to his clients.

He works tirelessly for his clients to help them improve their tax situation and find the best case outcome possible.

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Common Reason People Accumulate Tax Debt

Unfiled Tax Returns

By far the most common way individuals and businesses accumulate tax debt, failing to file returns will almost always come back to you. The IRS files a basic return for you, often not including any deductions–this can result in significant debt.

Incorrect Tax Returns

The tax code can be complicated–especially for business owners and independent contractors. Occasionally, you may report a deduction or income incorrectly. The IRS will track these and file an amended return that’s correct. This can possibly result in debt–sometimes significant amounts.

Incorrect Tax Deductions

The standard deduction remains the simplest way to file your taxes, but high-income earners and business owners may want to itemize to minimize their tax liability. This invites opportunities for incorrect returns, which can lead to significantly more tax liability than you originally planned for.

Failure to Pay Tax Liability

For a lot of business owners, it’s easy to get behind on their payroll and other quarterly taxes. This debt accumulates over time and will include penalties, fees, and interest–all of which make paying down the debt more difficult.

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How a Tax Attorney Will Pursue Debt Relief

Offers in Compromise

The Offer in Compromise (OIC) program allows certain taxpayers to settle their debt with the IRS for less than the total amount. If possible for your situation, it’s often the first debt relief method Scott Scammahorn attempts for his clients.

Currently Not Collectible

The CNC program allows individuals who are unable to currently pay their tax debt to temporarily stop payments. The debt doesn’t go away, but it will give you some breathing room for a time.

Debt Reduction

Scott Scammahorn will sit down and analyze your tax returns to find ways to potentially reduce the amount you owe the IRS. If you have unfiled returns, filing appropriate returns is normally the first step.

Levy/Lien Relief

If the IRS has issued a lien on your property or has begun the process of levying your home, business, or wages, Scott Scammahorn can help you find a method to minimize damage to your financial situation.

Installment Agreements

An installment agreement will allow you to pay your debt over time instead of in a lump sum. This method often comes with interest, but it’s a great option for those with debts that they can’t pay at once–especially if the IRS has issued a lien on their property.

Penalty Reductions

IRS tax debts come with significant penalties and interest associated with them. Scott Scammahorn will fight to reduce these penalties to lower your overall liability to the IRS.

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A Dallas, TX, Tax Attorney with a Track Record of Successful IRS Debt Relief

Scott’s history of successful IRS tax relief cases speaks for itself. He fights hard to help his clients lower their debt by any legal recourse available to them.

Some results include

  • A $1.3 million dollar liability reduced to nothing
  • A $1.2 million debt reduced to $755
  • A $920 thousand debt reduced to $1524

And more

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If you’re a Dallas, TX, individual or business facing significant IRS debts, the law offices of Scott Scammahorn can help.

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