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The IRS Knows You Failed to File Your Taxes

If you forgot to file your taxes, it’s easy to think that maybe the IRS will let it slip by.

This is almost never the case.

Failing to file your tax return can lead to

  • Significant tax debt
  • Additional penalties and late fees
  • Levies & liens
  • Criminal prosecution

Unfiled taxes can haunt you for years. If you failed to file one or more of your tax returns, a tax lawyer can help you do so–while reducing your tax debt and ensuring you don’t get audited.

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What Happens When You Don’t File Your Taxes

Whether you’re a business, individual, or 1099 earner, when you fail to file your own taxes, the IRS will file a return for you.

On this return, you will be given the standard deduction. No other credits or deductions will be given to you.

This means that you’ll likely owe more than you do when filing yourself. Depending on your tax situation, that debt may be considerable.

Should you fail to file returns a few years in a row, you’ll rack up more debt, more penalties, and more late fees.

The IRS will not forget that debt. If you haven’t filed your taxes, you have a legal problem and need an experienced tax attorney.

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The First Step to Filing Old Tax Returns

It’s not rocket science: when you have unfiled tax returns, the first step is to file them as soon as possible.

But that’s easier said than done.

If the IRS has filed a Substitute for Return (SFR), they already have an often-unflattering view of your finances and income.

It’s especially important to consult with a professional when filing back taxes because they will be scrutinized more than a traditional return.

The best way to file your returns is to

  • Consult with a tax attorney to determine the best way to do so
  • Prepare your returns and check them for accuracy
  • Submit your returns and monitor their progress

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When You Owe Money with Unfiled Returns

When you have a tax debt, you’ll also face penalties and late fees–and the longer you wait to pay that debt, the more those will accrue.

These penalties and fees can become substantial, but the Dallas law offices of Scott Scammahorn are committed to helping our clients navigate these debts and achieve the best possible outcome.

When Scott takes your unfiled tax return debt, he pursues a variety of remedies, including

Properly Filing Your Returns

Filing your returns is always the first step here. We’ll make sure you get the credits and deductions you’ve earned, which will likely lower–and maybe even eliminate–your debt.

Offers in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is when the IRS accepts less than the amount that you owe and discharges the rest of your debt. If this is possible, we’ll pursue it first.

Currently Not Collectible

If the IRS determines that you’re unable to pay your debt, it’s possible that they classify your case as “currently not collectible” (CNC) and they will cease attempt to collect.

Levy/Lien Relief

If you owe enough that the IRS is threatening to place a lien on your personal or business property, you need to talk with an IRS tax lawyer to help you find the best way to relieve them.

Installment Agreements

If you have significant tax debts, the IRS may agree to an installment agreement that will put less financial strain on you or your business. We’ll help ensure you have the best payment arrangement possible.

Penalty/Fee Reduction

If you owe the IRS, they levy penalties and fees. Our team will fight to lower or–if possible–eliminate these fees so it’s easier for you to pay down your debt.

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Successful Tax Relief from Scott Scammahorn

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients get relief from unfiled taxes and tax debt

  • A $1.3 million dollar liability reduced to nothing
  • A $1.2 million debt reduced to $755
  • A $920 thousand debt reduced to $1524
  • And more

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